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Norvil - magician London

Norvil is the magician London event organisers have called on for over fifteen years to deliver unforgettable and magical shows. Performing with his sassy sidekick Josephine, they deliver shows full of Norvil's magic and Josephine's comical acrobatics. Their magic entertainment has received critical acclaim and is perfect if you are looking for a London magician show to dazzle your guests at your next event. Watch their video to meet them and see them in action!

If you want your London event to be memorable, you need a show that will dazzle your guests. This show rises to that challenge because it is unlike any other magic show like it for hire in the U.K. It might look like the classic magician and assistant show but you will soon see that Josephine wears the trousers in this relationship for a comical modern twist. Get in touch about your event.

Norvil stands as a magician London event organisers rely on.
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Why hire A London magician for your show?

Clients and event organisers always say how magic is so universally appealing to audiences. The lighthearted entertaining style of Norvil & Josephine has charmed audiences up and down the UK. Their track record and critical acclaim mean you will be in very good 'magical' hands. They will draw on their varied repertoire of magic, illusions and variety to give you a show that will shine in your venue.

Visit the home page to see why Norvil is the magician London event organisers keep on speed dial. Norvil & Josephine will give your audience something to talk about for years to come.